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find my iPhone : Found A Lost iPhone? Here’s How to Send It back to the Owner

Nobody ever wishes to misplace or accidentally drop off their Smartphone, but then we all know that nobody is well above mistake. People visit pubs, have a beer or two and in that split sober moment could just drop off their device and head out. So, suppose, you happen to be the one who got […] Tags: , , , ,

find my iPhone : Do You Lose Your iPhone Often? Don’t Let It Slide

I would absolutely go nuts if I ever lost a phone I spent a fortune on. Especially a phone as expensive and exquisite as the apple model phones. I would seriously consider smashing my head on the wall. Well I said I would ‘consider’ it, am not really going to do it, well not in […] Tags: , , , ,

find my iPhone : App to Take Picture of iPhone Thief and Send It to Email to Help Catch the iPhone Thief

Looking to protect your iPhone from phone thieves? Is there any better way to have it insured than fitting in a superb anti-theft app which can keep track, monitor and in event of it getting stolen, take a picture of the phone thief to help you catch your iPhone thief and retrieve your device without […] Tags: , , ,

find my iPhone : iPhone Anti-theft App Relieves You from Heartbreak of Losing iPhone

Our properties are not supposed to outlive us, so it is believed, at least some people seem to think so. Thus the notion of not holding too tightly onto wares and properties money can easily buy. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Losing something you bought with your hard earned money, shrug your shoulder and […] Tags: , , , , ,

find my iPhone : Lost Phone? Track it Back with iLostFinder Find My iPhone App!

Phone theft is fast on the rise, with reports stating that at least 3.1million smart phones were stolen in 2013, which automatically means that there will be a significant surge in phone theft in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Another report from Businessinsider puts the amount of people going to pay heftily to find their stolen […] Tags: , , , ,

find my iPhone : Overview

iLostFinder Anti-theft Overview iLostFinder is an essential app for you as an anti-theft lost finder. With iLostFinder installed on the iPhone/iPad, you can win a chance to get it back when it is lost or stolen. On Power OFF, pulling out SIM card, disable Internet(Wifi/Data/Airplane) and failed passcode events, iLostFinder will take a photo of […] Tags: , , , , , , ,