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anti-theft app : Found A Lost iPhone? Here’s How to Send It back to the Owner

Nobody ever wishes to misplace or accidentally drop off their Smartphone, but then we all know that nobody is well above mistake. People visit pubs, have a beer or two and in that split sober moment could just drop off their device and head out. So, suppose, you happen to be the one who got […] Tags: , , , ,

anti-theft app : App to Take Picture of iPhone Thief and Send It to Email to Help Catch the iPhone Thief

Looking to protect your iPhone from phone thieves? Is there any better way to have it insured than fitting in a superb anti-theft app which can keep track, monitor and in event of it getting stolen, take a picture of the phone thief to help you catch your iPhone thief and retrieve your device without […] Tags: , , ,

anti-theft app : Best Anti-Theft App For iPhone just Arrived!

The feeling of losing your Smartphone must be quite unpleasant, especially if that Smartphone is an Apple device, more even if it’s an over $600 iPhone. You will definitely be motivated to get an anti-theft app for your iPhone next time. Aside the painfulness of losing an expensive iPhone device, there could be some really […] Tags: , , , ,