FAQs & Tips

Double check the email address you entered. Lots of users entered wrong email address and their photos are sent to someone else’s email. Also check if Your email server blocked our mail or marked it as Spam. To solve it

Click here for Email SMTP Configurations.

Your email server may have blocked our mail or marked it as Spam. To solve it, please follow these steps:

  1. Open cydia and search for "iLostFinder" to upgrade it to the latest version.
  2. For Gmail , go to gmail.com, Login and find Spam folder, mark the email as "Not Spam"
  3. If you still can’t receive the email, please make sure:
    1). The email address you entered in iLostFinder settings is correct.
    2). Contact your email service provider to add the ip and email [email protected] to the whitelist.

Known Email working status of ISPs

If you can’t receive email from the default iLostFinder email server, please turn on “Custom SMTP Server” and use your own SMTP to send the email.

ISP Status Solution 1 Solution 2
Yahoo! Mail OK   Use your own SMTP Server
Google Mail Spam Go to gmail.com and mark it not spam  
Verizon.net OK    
Att.net Blocked Contact Att.NET for whitelist:
Domain: mail.ilostfinder.com
NDR: 521
Free.fr Blocked Contact Free.fr for whitelist  
Aol Mail Blocked Contact AOL for whitelist  
Apple “Find My iPhone” service will automatically enable Location service for you when your device is lost.
If you turn off Location Services and use Find My iPhone Lost Mode, Location Services will be re-enabled on the device as long as the device is in Lost Mode.
Learn more: https://support.apple.com/en-ap/HT201357

Please follow the guide below to uninstall iLostFinder:

  1. Launch Cydia on the target device.
  2. Tap Packages (ManagePackages on iPhone)
  3. Find and tap on iLostFinder.
  4. Touch ModifyRemove to uninstall iLostFinder.

Please follow the tips below:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of iLostFinder.
    1). Uninstall old version from Cydia.
    2). Reinstall the latest v2.0.0-27: http://ilostfinder.com/download.html
  • Make sure there is no SBHTML installed on the device.
    1). Launch Cydia on the target device.
    2). Tap Packages (ManagePackages on iPhone).
    3). Find and tab on SBHTML.
    4). Touch Modify – Remove to uninstall it.

You need to jailbreak your device and install iLostFinder from Cydia.

Follow this guide to jailbreak your target device: http://ijailbreakguide.com

Then install iLostFinder on the jailbroken device to see how it works: http://ilostfinder.com/download.html


You can also hide the jailbreaking info (Cydia icon) if needs be.

Just open iLostFinder from the device Settings, enter the default password 1234 to open it, go to SECURITY section and enable the option “Hide Cydia“.

Anti-theft Tips

  • Enable “Find My iPhone”
    Find My iPhone enables you to track the iPhone Locations, play alert sound, remote lock/wipe the phone which is essential for anti-theft.
  • Enable Passcode or Touch ID:
    Passcode or Touch ID protects your data from unauthorized access by the thief of the one who picked up your phone.
  • Connecting to Public Wifi:
    Connect to public Wifi gives you more chance to keep the phone Internet active which is essential for the function of “Find My iPhone”.
  • Connect to Personal Hotspot:
    Setup personal hotspot on another phone and connect your iPhone/iPad. If your idevice is lost you can enable the personal hotspot and work around and the lost device is nearby, it will connect to your personal hotspot automatically. In this way you can get your device found with the help of “Find My iPhone” even the SIM card is pulled out or no Public Wifi available.